CADscape will attend coordination meetings via webcast or serve as the project’s BIM manager/lead  coordinator via webcast (i.e.

As BIM manager we will:

  • Send out invites to all attendees for the online coordination meetings (each trade modeler, GC, anyone else, such as project manager or site supervisor).
  • Combine and clash all trade models
  • Host weekly and bi-weekly meetings (if necessary) via on-line “go-to” meetings.
  • Present clash reports and discuss resolutions toward creating a clash free model for the duration of the project.

A well coordinated  BIM model and shop drawings are crucial to the success of the project. All of CADscape’s detailers are experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. The value of experienced detailers equates to models and drawings created in a manner to save on field installation, labor and material costs.

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